Daniel Fellowship
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地點: 三零六室
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We are a Cantonese-speaking young career fellowship who meets every Saturday night at 6:30pm in room 306 of NTCBC. Although we are a young career fellowship with most members having at least 5 years of work experience, we also have members who are doing further academic studies. 
Daniel Fellowship strives to provide a positive environment for our members to develop a deeper personal relationship with God. Through different programs like discussion panels, personal sharing, career sharing, bible study, games, and outdoor events, we hope to make fellowship an enriching experience for everyone. 
We are a group of fun-loving young adults and there is something unique going on every week. If you, or you know someone, are interested in joining our group, please feel free to email us at 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看
Our upcoming programs: 
Date Program
01/27/2017 Church Mission Conference*
02/03/2017 Kick-off Meeting
02/10/2017 Bible Study*


No Fellowship


Chinese New Year Celebration*
 An * besides the program indicates that the program willl be held outside of church and/or at different hours. Please email us for details (see email address below)

Please contact us at 這個 E-mail 地址已經被防止灌水惡意程式保護,您需要啟用 Java Script 才能觀看  for details.