June 7 2020

Weekly Announcements

Below are our weekly announcements. Our hope is that announcements are not just for your information, but also for your participation.

Town Hall – June 28 10:45 – 11:30am

On Sunday, June 28th, we will be having a 45-minute town hall for all of our members so that we can provide some updates on the following topics:
1. Summer Sabbath plans
2. Leadership decision making during covid
3. Future stages for bringing back church
4. Helping in different areas of church / evolving serving needs

We encourage you to plan to attend this meeting which will be via Zoom (link to be made available in advance of the meeting).

As a note, this town hall will be in lieu of our regular Sunday post-sermon prayer/sharing session.

Post-Sermon Sharing and Prayer

As a faith community, we have a responsibility to care for one another. While social distancing may hinder our ability to meet physically, God has equipped us with the technology to meet online so that we can continue to fellowship together.   

Please join us after our live-stream at 10:45am for a time of congregation-wide prayer & sharing.

Please click here for more information and for the link to our Zoom Meeting

VBC is going Virtual!

The camp will be a combination of pre-recorded lessons and interactive sessions with staff, but for a total reduced number of hours.

  • Interactive Small Group sessions will be live between 11 AM-Noon. and some days will also have additional live sessions in the afternoon.
  • Pre-recorded lessons will also be available for campers to view.
  • There will be a camp kit that parents will be able to pick up at church prior to VBC with materials that can be used throughout the camp

VBC 2020 – August 4-14
Theme: Rocky Railway
Ages: SK completed to Grade 5.
For more information and to register: Click Here.
If you have any questions, please email  [email protected]

Recruitment – VBC Volunteers
In order for us to effectively share the Gospel, we do need a lot of helpers. And so, we are asking you to consider joining our VBC Team! Register Here.

Children Ministry

Kidz Hangout 
Every Sunday at 1 PM
Every Wednesday at 7:45 PM
Online Registration : https://ntcbc.churchcenter.co

Church Reopening Plans

As our local governments unveil plans for reopening different organizations in stages, NTCBC has formed a Reopening Committee to plan the reopening of the church building once permitted and deemed safe to do so.  This Committee is working in consultation with NTCBC members in the healthcare field that are providing their insights as medical advisors.   The Committee will continue to monitor government and public health advisories to facilitate a safe and orderly return. Details and updates will be shared as they become available in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Committee via email: [email protected].

Online Giving/Tithing

We have set up Electronic Money Transfers for online giving to the church and tithing!

Please send an email to [email protected] with your name in the subject line to register for online giving. We will email you the link to the registration form and additional details required for the e-Transfer.

For more details on online giving, click here.