Written by NTCBC
June 26, 2016
Members of North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church:

This motion is about church incorporation. It has been almost a year-long process with careful & extensive research and reviews undertaken by the Church Incorporation Committee (CIC) and with spiritual guidance of the Pastoral Staff. The CIC presented to the Deacon Board and also to the Executive Board their findings and recommendations before any decision was made at each level. The motion to proceed with the incorporation of NTCBC has been approved first by the Deacon Board and then by the Executive Board members. Each Board has taken one month to pray, consider, and make their final decision. It has now come to the members for prayers, considerations, and a motion to proceed with the church incorporation. The vote is to execute the responsibility entrusted by God for each member of NTCBC in accordance to the Constitution.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Kai Shen Wong
Chair, Deacon Board
North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church

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