Communication Bulletin on COVID-19


Communication Bulletin on COVID-19
Mar 14, 2020
Special announcement
Dear NTCBC family,
Your health and safety is of primary concern to Church, and in view of the Ontario Health Chief Medical
Officer’s recommendation of immediate suspending all large events and public gatherings of over 250
people due to COVID-19, the Deacon Board and Pastoral Team has decided to suspend all in-person
meetings at church immediately until future notice.
We invite you this Sunday and every Sunday morning to join our “online” worship. We will provide “live
streaming” services at our usual time: English Service at 9:45 am, Cantonese Service 11:15 am, and
Mandarin Service 11:15 am. Please refer to our church website ( for the details to
experience the online worship. As for offsite meetings such as fellowship, cell groups, bible study, and
caring ministry, we encourage you to find creative ways to stay connected in the meanwhile.
As COVID-19 has caused fear and trouble all around us, let us be reminded that God knows it all and
He is always in control. Psalm 46 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in
troubles. Therefore we will not fear.” This is a challenging time, but it is also a good opportunity for us to
live out our Christian faith and love. We encourage every one of us to do the following:
  1. Pray Continually – Ask God to help government officials around the globe to stop the spread of
    the virus, to heal the infected people, and to protect healthcare professionals.
  2. Care for one-another – Reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ by phone or
    Whatsapp/Wechat, etc., making sure they are okay and asking if they need any assistance.
  3. Love your neighbour – Reach out to your neighbour, showing hospitality and kindness (e.g.
    buying groceries for a neighbour.)

In time like this, let us function as salt and light of the world; let our good deeds shine out for all to see,
so that everyone will praise our heavenly Father (Mt. 5:16). Together we can make a positive
change/impact to our society.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this arrangement.



親愛的北浸弟兄姊妹及朋友 :
你的健康和安全是教會的首要關注。鑑於安大略省衛生首席醫療官的建議, 因受 COOVID-19(新冠狀病
毒)疫情影嚮,所有大型活動和超過 250 人的公開集會即時暫停,執事會和教牧同工決定由現時起暫停所
我們誠意邀請你在這個主日和每個主日早上參加 “線上”崇拜 (on-line worship)。我們將提供“現場直播”
(live streaming) 服務:英語崇拜(9:45am),廣東話崇拜(11:15am), 和普通話崇拜(11:15am)。 有關收看
“線上”崇拜的詳細資料,請查詢教會網站 。 我們也鼓勵各團契,小組,查經小组及關懷探
雖然 COVID-19 在我們周圍造成了恐懼和不安,但讓我們不要忘記: 我們的神知道這一切,祂永遠都在掌
權。 詩篇 46 篇說:“神是我們的避難所,是我們的力量,是我們在患難中隨時的幫助,” 因此, 我們不會害
怕。現在是一個充滿挑戰的時期,但也是我們活出信心和愛心的好機會。 我們鼓勵大家做以下事情:

  1. 常常禱告 – 求神幫助世界各地的政府官員阻止病毒傳播, 治愈感染者並保護醫療保健專業人員。
  2. 彼此關顧 – 打電話或以微訊方式關心主裡弟兄姊妹, 確保他們一切安好, 並詢問是否需要任何幫助。
  3. 愛你的鄰舍 – 幫助鄰舍, 彰顯主愛 (例如, 為鄰舍購買食品)。

在這時刻, 讓我們活出鹽和光的作用, 叫别人看見我們的好行為, 便將榮耀歸給我們在天上的父 (太 5:16)。

Shalom (平安)!


亲爱的北区弟兄姊妹及朋友 :
你的健康和安全是教会的首要关注。鉴于安大略省卫生首席医疗官的建议, 因受 COOVID-19(新冠状病
毒)疫情影向,所有大型活动和超过 250 人的公开集会即时暂停,执事会和教牧同工决定由现时起暂停所
我们诚意邀请你在这个主日和每个主日早上参加 “线上” (on-line worship)。我们将提供“现场直播” (live
streaming) 服务:英语崇拜(9:45am),广东话崇拜(11:15am), 和普通话崇拜(11:15am)。有关收看“线上”
崇拜的详细资料,请查询教会网站 。我们也鼓励各团契,小组,查经小组及关怀探访事工
虽然 COVID-19 在我们周围造成了恐惧和不安,但让我们不要忘记: 我们的神知道这一切,祂永远都在掌
权。诗篇 46 篇说:“神是我们的避难所,是我们的力量,是我们在患难中随时的帮助,” 因此, 我们不会害

  1.  常常祷告 – 求神帮助世界各地的政府官员阻止病毒传播, 治愈感染者并保护医疗保健专业人员。
  2.  彼此关顾 – 打电话或以微讯方式关心主里弟兄姊妹, 确保他们一切安好, 并询问是否需要任何帮助。
  3. 爱你的邻舍 – 帮助邻舍, 彰显主爱 (例如, 为邻舍购买食品)。

在这时刻, 让我们活出盐和光的作用, 叫别人看见我们的好行为, 便将荣耀归给我们在天上的父 (太 5:16)。
Shalom (平安)!

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