Our Story

Dear Visitor

Thank you for dropping by to learn a little bit about who we are. Our hope is not only that you would learn about us, but that you would get to know God more and love Him better.

All are welcome here. We pray that when you join us for worship, you will experience the reality that God receives you just as you are. But We also pray that as you plug in to our community, you will equally experience the reality that God’ loves you too much to leave you as you are. Come join us as we experience and live out these truths together!

Kwan Chan
English Pastor


North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church was founded as a church plant in 1974 from Toronto Chinese Baptist Church. In 1980, we moved into our current location from the original site (now East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church). In our infancy, we were a Cantonese-speaking church with a small English Ministry. Since then, God has not only grown the breadth of our ministry with the inclusion of a Mandarin Ministry, but has grown our English Ministry to become an intergenerational congregation.


We gather as a faith family to worship our sovereign God and to receive His Word through the pulpit and Sunday School ministries. We then scatter into Small Groups where we are challenged to apply God’s Word, participate in caring for one another, and live as a missional community.

Our Vision

To be unified in diversity to share Christ’s love for God’s glory.

Our Mission

To nurture believers to be Word-based, prayer-driven disciple-makers and evangelists for the glory of God and the praise of His Name

Our Motto

We are One Body on One Mission

Mission Churches

In addition to the NTCBC East Side Mission that became the present ETCBC, our Lord has given NTCBC the privilege and honour of being involved in the planting of several other mission churches.

In 1983, a mission church was started in Brampton.  It became the Brampton Chinese Baptist Church in 1986 as it matured to become independent. Those who participated in this planting have experienced the glory of the Lord and the joy of His guidance and providence.

In September 1992, the Pickering Chinese Baptist Church was established through the joint effort of the Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church and NTCBC. That church had become independent on Aug. 13, 2006 and was renamed the Pickering Community Baptist Church.

The Richmond Hill Mission (RHM) of NTCBC started its first worship service on Sept. 3, 1995 at Walter Scott Public School. Since then, they continue to experience the guidance, protection, care and provision of the Lord. In June, 2005 meetings were moved to rented spaces at Logos Baptist Church of Richmond Hill, at 75 Oxford Street.

After years of diligent searching, on Oct. 6, 2008, a historical church at 11248-11264 Kennedy Rd. (north of Elgin Mills Rd.), with an adjacent manse, was purchased as their permanent church site.  Extensive renovations were undertaken to make it suitable for their uses.  Inauguration ceremony was held on Nov. 15, 2009.  The RHM was renamed Melville Mission (NTCBCMM), as it is no longer located in Richmond Hill.  We trust that under the guidance and providence of our Lord, the MM will enter a new era of growth in grace and maturity.