God has designed us to live in community, and at North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church, much of our community life is experienced through a Small Group. Small Groups seek to raise members to grow deeper in their relationship with God and with one another so that they can go farther and live out God’s purpose for their lives. Our goal is that every member of our faith family will be a part of a Small Group community.

Steps to joining a Small Group

There are two steps to joining a Small Group

Step 1 | Join our Discover Class, which is where you learn more about our church and what it means to belong in this faith family. 

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Step 2 | Meet with a Small Group Ministry leader with whom you will work to find a Small Group Community for you to belong in.

Our hope is that you would join our community so that together, we can make disciples of Jesus Christ, for His glory and our joy.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, you can email us directly at [email protected]. You can also contact Pastor Kwan directly at [email protected].