Weekly Announcements

November 26, 2023

Weekly Announcements

Below are our weekly announcements. Our hope is that announcements are not just for your information, but also for your participation.

Mission Sharing – Nov 26, 11:15AM

We have invited one of our missionaries to share about his family’s ministry in China. He will share about how they’re working to reach the lost and build the church by taking us through an interactive workshop. He’ll also take time to share about the current landscape in China and ways in which we can pray for the church in China.

Bring the Gospel to Afghan Families – Nov 29, 8:00PM

Pastor Obed, who serves with the Jesus Network, is one of the missionaries supported by NTCBC. During the Christmas season, NTCBC is invited to join Pastor Obed in preparing and delivering Christmas gift baskets to welcome Afghan families who reside in the GTA. This is an opportunity for us to meet with Afghan families and share the gospel. Our hope is that the families receiving the baskets will hear and feel Jesus’ love through us.

This year, we invite you and your family to participate in a sharing and training session on Wednesday, November 29th. There is no need to register. Simply show up to hear Pastor Obed’s sharing, receive training, and be connected to an Afghan family.

Evangelism Workshop – Dec 3, 11:15 AM

Have you ever thought of the questions: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s my purpose in life?”

Well you’re in luck! In December, we will be hosting a 3-part interactive workshop addressing where we will help you think Biblically and engage your friends / family on these topics.

The schedule for the classes are:

  • Dec 3: What does the Bible say?
  • Dec 10: What do we think and believe?
  • Dec 17: How can we engage others?

Christmas Service – Dec 23, 9:45 AM

Christmas is a season where we celebrate God sending His Son to bring new life and hope, and to make all things new. We invite you to join our Christmas service as we celebrate our hope in God through singing carols, hearing stories, and studying the Bible together.

Farewell Lunch for Rev Bernard – Dec 31, 12:30 PM

Senior Pastor Rev. Bernard Sin will be retiring at the end of the year. His last day as Senior Pastor at NTCBC will be on Sunday December 31st. To celebrate his retirement, we invite brothers and sisters to join us for lunch on at 12:30 PM. There is no need to register.

Online Giving/Tithing

Offering is a privilege and responsibility for members. Our encouragement is for each member to prayerfully seek God’s guidance for how they ought to be giving in this season. All offering goes towards funding ministries locally and globally.

We encourage the congregation to apply for a personal offering number to allow efficient and accurate recording of offering information. 

We encourage the congregation to offer online through e-transfer or online banking. If you choose to give offering via cheque, we ask that you write the church’s full name “North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church”. The banks no longer accept the short form NTCBC as a valid payee.

For more details on online giving, including how to add NTCBC as an ‘online bill payee’,  click here.

Children’s Ministry Page

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